Finding Your Balance

I’ll be the first to say, I’ve gotten off track.  

Remember the notorious funk I talked about a few posts back?  Well it decided to linger around a little longer than anticipated.  I gave up on working out, on making plans both for now and my future, on positivity, and allowed myself to be consumed in a toxic environment.  This isn’t me, but it is something that all of us face every once in a while.  

Life is a little off balance.

That’s okay!  Some friendships, jobs, relationships, and environments aren’t made to last, and while it may seem tough at first the reality is you’re growing into an even more beautiful version of yourself!  Letting go isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to find your path again.  You’re making room for positive influences and humans to enter your life, which is not only the best way to heal, but the best way to feel “you” again.

Take a step back, and take a breath.  Sometimes advice from your mom, your best friends, and your fiancé are the most important words to hear, and it’s okay not solve everything all by yourself.  They know what’s best for you, even when you think you have life completely figured out.  Allow yourself to breathe, and to put your mind at ease for a while.  Go to a meditative slow flow, read a book, take a walk outside and listen to the sounds of nature, head to the beach and listen to the waves, take a LUSH bath (complete with lavender candles & chamomile tea), and refresh your mind, body, and soul.  You are beautiful, you are strong, and you can overcome anything!  

But the very first step, let it go.

Surround yourself with positive, inspiring beings and release those who don’t love and support you.  You deserve nothing less than individuals who will do everything to build you up, instead of anything to tear you down.  Nothing is worth sacrificing yourself or your happiness, and it’s okay to be a little selfish!  No one, and no thing, can make you feel inferior without your consent, and if it doesn’t bring you joy it’s not worth keeping.

Life is truly beautiful, and worth enjoying every moment that you possibly can.  Take a breath, take a step back, and find your balance.

Love & Good Vibes


Today’s Inspiration

Find Your Perfect Planner 2017: Erin Condren Life Planner

Happy Monday everyone!!  I hope you had a beautiful weekend, and are feeling inspired and refreshed for the week to come!

I am so excited to share part two of my Find Your Perfect planner series, because you all know how obsessed I am with my Erin Condren Life Planner!  I always choose the vertical layout with the neutral color scheme for my Erin Condren, and this year I decided to get the rose gold coil to match my marble cover!  

The Erin Condren Life Planners were even more simplified this year as compared to the year before, and I absolutely love the new design!  Simplicity is key for me, and I love having plenty of space to plan out everything!  Check out my Find Your Perfect Planner (Erin Condren Life Planner) post from 2016 to see all of the updates this year!

I love the design of the small print rather than the large circles from last year!  So cute and chic!

Love the two pages of inspirational quotes!

Full 2017-2018 calendars!

The new notes section before each month!  I’m not sure how I feel about the circles rather than the full lined page last year, but I absolutely love the quote page!!

I love how they changed all of the solid lines to small dotted lines in the monthly and weekly spreads, and how they kept the color specific to the top of each page (leaving a blank canvas for you to plan)!!

Four note pages!

Four dot grid pages!

Four coloring pages, I love the cactus design!!

Full 2019 calendar!

Two added pages of metallic foiled stickers, so cute!!

Definitely check out all of the designs for the Erin Condren Life Planner, and let me know if you have one!  Also, in case you missed my last post, take a look at my 2017-2018 Lilly Pulitzer agenda!  I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!

Love & Good Vibes


Today’s Inspiration


07.07.17 – Weekly Recap & Exciting Updates!

Hello everyone, happy Friday!  I hope you had an absolutely beautiful week, and are feeling inspired and excited for the weekend!

It’s not often that I write a recap post, but I wanted to chat with you all a little bit today and share what’s been going on!  I started a new job as well as a summer class, and I finally felt like I was getting back into a routine when it hit me… the dreaded creative slump that we all encounter every once in a while.  You know the feeling!  After some sweaty workout sessions, a meditative slow flow, and a much needed digital detox, I finally found my way out and decided to create a new little addition to Simply Tess!

So here it is… I created a YouTube channel!!

I’ll be sharing a post soon featuring my first video, but for now I am so excited to begin this journey!!

{I also made a corresponding Twitter account, so definitely follow along to see more of my daily life!}

In other news…

Doug and I officially have our wedding venue and our date set, and I am beyond excited!!  A little hint, it’s going to be a fall wedding! 😉 

I have a ton of exciting trips coming up throughout the year, and I cannot wait to share each one with you!  

I’m currently collaborating with some amazing companies and brands, so definitely stay in touch!

I was featured on Pieces of Me’s blog, where they shared a piece of my story!  I also was invited to be a brand representative for the company, which I am so excited about!!

If you made it this far, thank you so much for sticking with me!  I realize this post was a little all over the place, but I wanted to take a little time and share my life with all of you!  Starting Monday I’ll be back on my regular posting schedule, and I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on!  I hope you all have a beautiful Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

Love & Good Vibes


Today’s Inspiration