September Café Chat: Inspiration, Passions & Discovery!

Our very first Café Chat collaboration post is here, and this month’s post is all about inspiration, passions, and discovering your true self!  I’m SO incredibly excited to share this post with all of you, and I cannot even wait for you to learn more about me and my incredible tribe of women; while maybe even discovering more about yourself…

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20 Ways to be Genuinely & Authentically Happy!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while!! I cannot even explain how much I’ve missed you all!  Lately my life has consisted of moving into (and organizing) my new apartment, party planning, prepping for classes/attending classes/homework, sorority meetings, conference calls, job searching, and occasionally eating and sleeping! But I’m finally back, and I felt like an inspirational/happy post was exactly what I needed to share with all of you (including myself)!

It’s so easy to get caught up in life, and to overwhelm yourself while compromising your happiness!  And honestly, your overall happiness is by far the most important thing!!  Here are 20 of my absolute favorite things that make me as happy as I can be!

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